Professional Profile Test

Analyze work personality and anticipate professional success

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The Professional Profile 2 is a personality assessment that provides an in-depth analysis of the individual’s personality traits that directly link to performance and motivation in the workplace. Due to its subtle questions and two-dimensional approach to personality, the Professional Profile 2 is a cutting edge tool when it comes to capturing the dynamics of candidates’ personality and motivations on 14 key aspects for any job role. Designed and validated according to the most recent method in psychometrics, Thurstonian IRT (Item Response Theory), the Professional Profile 2 minimizes the impact of social desirability, thereby increasing its reliability.


Professional Profile 2 helps you gain insight into the way your candidates behave, how they interact with others, their strengths and their potential limitations. Our competency framework allows you to compare the candidates’ identified potentials with the skills required for the position. You can go deeper into the analysis by incorporating your own job referential or competency framework to obtain a more accurate fit with the job position.

Career Management

The two-dimensional approach of the Professional Profile 2 facilitates a better understanding of candidates’ strengths and areas of improvement. It can be used to establish appropriate training programs enabling people to develop their talents, or to guide them towards a career path wherein they can thrive.

Team cohesion

The Professional Profile 2 is the perfect tool to provide expert insight into your teams’ synergy, as well as to predict potential sources of tension. It helps by identifying individual potentials with the aim of improving teamwork and building effective teams. Our consultants will accompany you in establishing a customized plan of action to develop team cohesion.

Target audience: Intermediate level professionals, middle management, graduates & post graduates.
Questionnaire : 112 questions
Time: 12 - 15 minutes
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Training: certification training
Thurstonian IRT keeps social desirability under control, making results more reliable.
A comparison with a standard referential of 58 groups of professions
A comparison with 21 standard work competencies
  • General Profile
  • Graph
  • Detailed table
  • Descriptions for the 14 sets of dimensions
  • Personalized comments
  • An analysis of strengths, weaknesses and areas to develop
  • A profile summary
  • A comparison with 21 work competencies
  • A comparison with 58 groups of professions
  • Profile matching with job-positions within the organization